UCL Thesis LaTeX Template

This is a template/skeleton for PhD/MPhil/MRes theses.

It uses a rather split-up file structure because this tends to work well for large, complex documents. We suggest using one file per chapter, but you may wish to use more or fewer separate files than that. We've also separated out various bits of configuration into their own files, to keep everything neat. Note that the \input command just streams in whatever file you give it, while the \include command adds a page break, and does some extra organisation to make compilation faster. Note that you can't use \include inside an \include-d file. We suggest using \input for settings and configuration files that you always want to use, and \include for each section of content. If you do that, it also means you can use the \includeonly statement to only compile up the section you're currently interested in. You might also want to put figures into their own files to be \input.

Formatting rules for theses are here:

Binding and submitting guidelines are here:

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